“I have grown to love cycling over the last few years, especially around the countryside of North Wales. I don’t have an all-singing, all-dancing road bike or mountain bike. I have a good priced hybrid commuter bike – a Merida Crossway that is light and versatile, quick enough for my requirements and robust enough for the local roads and an irregular 30km commute (each way).

It all started during a period of personal crisis for me – a period when work and to a lesser extent, life reached a crescendo of competing demands with little support from managers at the time. In addition I seemed to loose the ability to maintain an emotional detachment from the problems of those I am supposed to be representing, a detachment that is essential to survival in the job.

Exercise was recommended to me by my GP and my wife pointed out that I had a bike gathering dust in the garage which seemed to be ideal and cheap way of getting fit and well. Not wanting to be negative about everything (this is not strictly true as all I wanted to do was be negative and angry) I got the bike down from its hooks, dusted it off, oiled it and took off around the local lanes.”

All that was written a few years ago and then I forgot about it, got busy and moved on. The cycling had continued to the end of 2016 when I injured myself yet again – so far I have broken my left wrist twice, my left Neck of Femur once and my right wrist once. The last has resulted in chronic pain which limits what I can do on the bike and I have resorted to the gym for exercise. I have also been diagnosed with Osteopenia – the precursor to Osteoporosis. Cycling is not the best form of exercise for this but walking is so…

Now it’s 2018 and I’m a little older and no wiser really. One thing to celebrate. I’ve rediscovered my love of Prog Rock in its many forms. So many albums, so little money!

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This (for those that might be interested) is where I will be continuing with that which started over at Blogger ( http://turvy-the-cat.blogspot.co.uk/ ).

More later when I have some time!